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Hañsa Flow Intensive with rehabilitative lower back focus

Join Vincent Bolletta, founder of Hansa Yoga ( for this 6-hour Hañsa Flow Intensive, with rehabilitative lower back focus at Studio Tula on the 11th of August

We are so pleased to be welcoming Vincent Bolletta, the founder of Hansa Yoga, back to Studio Tula for yet another valuable in-depth learning session following our fully booked Hañsa Flow Masterclass, and Hañsa Flow drop-in classes in April

This 6-hour Hañsa Flow Intensive at Studio Tula on the 11th of August is aimed at supporting students in improving functional movement patterns within the parameters of a yoga sequence

We will specifically be targeting the lower spine, as issues in this areas are prevalent in this modern era. We will begin to de-reconstruct the spines movement anatomy to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of movement and learn techniques to maintain function and prevent lower spinal injuries

At the heart of flow lives our relationship to life and the way we move through it. Students will also uncover the ancient art of Pranayama and its relevance to the modern world to establish a relationship between the connective matrix of the diaphragm and associated muscles. When we embody the system of breathing movement will arise and flow will be felt. Once this is experienced a lifetime of expression opens up to us and our practice becomes our own

Attendees will go away with an expanded perspective of their own yoga practise, and an understanding that the state of flow can be a therapeutic tool for greater wellness and self awareness. We will also build our understanding that flow is an experience beyond words which cuts to the core of our postural habits and attitudes, and that this influences not only the way we move on our yoga mat but also through our life

Sunday 11 August 2019

Early-bird price $115 (until 1st of August) Full Price $135
Full-time students 15 % discount

Day schedule
1st half: 9.30am - 12.30pm
1.5 hr Lunch Break: 12.30-2pm
2nd half: 2-5pm

To learn more about Vincent and Hañsa Yoga you can visit his website

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