Meet the team that makes it all happen!

Our passionate and devoted team of Instructors are here to share your journey towards a nourishing, long lasting and fulfilling yoga practise


Saskia seeling - RYT 200

Yin yoga - Hatha - Vinyasa

At the age of 14, Saskia was taken along to her first yoga class by her Mother and Grandma, and being a typical teenager, she wasn’t overly excited about it. With a background of 10 years of ballet and contemporary dance, to her surprise the practice of yoga resonated with her right away.

However, her journey required ten more years of a very inconsistent practice until she finally found the other limbs of Yoga beyond Asana - the physical postures of Yoga. Eventually she came across pranayama, mantra, meditation and the yogic philosophy. This broader understanding inspired her to keep a more consistent practice, and planted the first seed to become a yoga teacher.

Only after traveling around the world and moving to New Zealand did she finally decide to lift her yoga practice to a new level. Saskia completed her teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in July 2018 at The Power of Now Oasis. While she undertook the course primarily to fortify her own personal practice, the ease and peace that it inspired in her became also the urge to share what she gained through yoga to others.


Laura pugh

Laura first came to practice yoga whilst she was living in London. Living in such a fast paced, busy city meant yoga was a place for her to slow down and calm her mind.

Over time yoga opened Lauras mind to cultivating a valuable sense of self-awareness and with that, she became more interested in sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

Through a dedicated practise at Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch, and undergoing her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga with Hamish Kentworthy, Laura gained the opportunity to join Apollo Power Yoga teaching team

Laura finds teaching and practicing Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga extremely fulfilling. It is a practice she strongly believes can transform peoples bodies and lives.

As a teacher, Laura endeavours to make her classes transformative for each and every student not only physically but mentally.


Beryl LEbowitz-ciccoricco

After over a decade on the mat and a career in massage therapy, Beryl teaches mindful vinyasa style classes and aims to focus people’s minds on their specific body’s structure.

She promotes safe, stable asana, and has enjoyed guiding students into a deeper practice in NYC, India and now NZ. She also leads lectures and workshops on the Anatomy of Asana, and the basics of Ayurveda, linking yogic tradition with modern practices.

During her many trips to India she trained as a 200hr multi-style teacher and then co-wrote and produced a 300hr level training with her trainers, Trimurti Yoga, in Dharamsala and South Goa. She is now a 500hr ERYT and a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance, and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with anyone who will listen.



Lisa first found yoga at the age twelve, and belly dance a year later. The two modalities have been interwoven through her life ever since. 

Having used yoga to support her own back injuries, she passionately believes in the physical and emotional value that yoga can bring to all people. She believes that yoga is a tool that we have all been given to heal ourselves, and the people around us and is deeply grateful to be able to inspire that through Tula, and it's incredible team of instructors

She is also the founder and director of Studio Tula, which was born out of Lisa’s passion to bring together dance, the healing arts, yoga, and community.

Lisa has a background in sustainability and permaculture and strives to bring environmental and sustainability consciousness to Studio Tula. She proudly runs the TulaBee Fund, which donates monthly to NZ based environmental and conservation causes. 


Whitney Steidl

Whitney played competitive water polo for eight years so when she started taking yoga classes it was just to supplement her training but she quickly fell in love with yoga. After about six month of practicing once or twice a week she left to backpack around Europe for two months and wished she could do yoga on her own but didn’t feel like she had the knowledge to start practicing without instruction so when she got back she signed up for teacher training just to deepen her own practice but just like she fell in love with yoga, she also fell in love with teaching.

Over the next few months she was practicing yoga multiple times a day and developed an insatiable appetite for learning more about all aspects of yoga, on and off her mat. She loved how practicing yoga and meditation eased her anxiety and how learning about yogic philosophy made her strive to be a more thoughtful and compassionate person.

She is now a 500 hour certified Vinyasa Flow + Yin Yoga instructor with a love for meeting others with a passion for yoga and being a part of their journey.

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Yoga came to Tess age 23 whilst studying for her masters degree in The Netherlands. She was drawn to a power yoga class at her local gym, she didn’t expect much more than a few stretches, how wrong she was! Tess was hooked from here on and liked how yoga challenged her body but relaxed her mind, a welcome break from the text books. As a keen runner and cyclist Tess also found that yoga could supplement and support her active lifestyle.

Tess continued to maintain a regular practice whilst in The Netherlands and carried on with this whilst living in London and Bristol. Whilst in Bristol Tess developed a regular Ashtanga practice, enjoying the rhythmic sequencing of the primary series. In 2018 Tess decided to train with Melanie Cooper at the Bristol School of Yoga specialising in Ashtanga and Yin. Over 9 months Tess became immersed in the ‘treasure trove’ that is yoga, studying meditation, pranayama, anatomy, history and philosophy.

Having worked for charities throughout her career and with vulnerable members of society, Tess is keen to share yoga with as many people as possible and to reach out to communities who do not get the chance to practice.


laura cass

In 2008 Laura Cass fell in love with the movements of Prana Vinyasa yoga classes in the tiny Rocky Mountain town of Crested Butte, CO. Laura studied underneath Monica Mesa in 2015 to received her 200 hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. She is also trained in teaching aerial yoga and aerial dance.

Hailing from the US, Laura is in the midst of her third year of travelling the globe as a solo female traveler searching for more wildly epic adventures. She enjoys sharing her passion for showing up to your yoga mat to take a time-out from the non-stop movement surrounding us. Laura has been lucky enough to offer classes in the USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Other passions include laughter, peanut butter, dance parties, surfing, hiking, aerial dance, biking, rafting, snowboarding and almost anything else that leads to great views or great thrills.