Based in Vinyasa Flow, this style links movement with breath and follows invigorating sequences that will get your body moving and your mind clear.

During practise, we create natural heat in the body, and work up incrementally to more advanced, standing, seated, and balance poses. While these are the most physically challenging classes that we offer at Tula, options & modifications are always offered to meet you where you are at in your practise

The physical benefits of this style of practise are increased circulation, flexibility and strength, as well as improved physical stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Find your flow, with strength, softness & peace

Level of physical coordination/challenge

★ ★ ★ ★



Modelled off our Flow classes (above), but with a slightly slower, more mindful and allowing pace. In this class expect more space for synchronisation for breath and movement, less highly advanced poses, and more satisfying long holds of standing and seated poses.

Level of physical coordination/challenge

★ ★ ★



Yoga Foundations is formatted like a regular flow class, but is specifically designed to introduce the poses, breathing techniques and important transitions to newer yogis. Based in Hatha Yoga, this class focuses on the basics of sun salutations, the linking of movement with breath and the poses and alignment that feature in our Slow Flow and Flow classes. A great class if you are new to yoga, wanting to strengthen the foundations of your practice, or simply work at a slower and more mindful pace

We encourage all newcomers to Tula to explore our Yoga Foundations classes and take the time to set yourself up with strong foundations. This will enhance your experience and understanding of other classes, and pave the way for a long lasting & safe yoga journey

Level of physical coordination/challenge ★ ★



Yin Yoga is a more passive style of yoga, with an emphasis on long held poses, targeting the deeper “yin” tissues of the body (bones, tendons, ligaments, & connective tissue/fascia) while mobilising and strengthening joints. Yin Yoga provides a soothing balance to the very “yang” (busy) lifestyles many of us lead. The poses stimulate renewed flow of Qi through the meridians of the body, balance our nervous system and allow the connective tissue/fascia to hydrate, release and relax.

A space to be calm and to revive & re-balance the body, breath, mind and spirit

Level of physical coordination/challenge ★



Yoga is a path towards wellness and growth, with benefits for all people regardless of age, size or level of fitness. This class is designed to be an accessible and nurturing space to develop body awareness, relieve tension and calm the mind, body and spirit. You will be guided through simple and mindful stretches, gentle strengthening exercises and nourishing movement followed by time to relax and restore.

A class for anyone and everyone

Level of physical coordination/challenge ★

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