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Studio Tula is an Urban Oasis of Yoga, movement & wellness on the first floor of the historic Bing Harris Building, Princes Street, Dunedin. Here, we offer a weekly timetable of yoga classes, as well as dance, yoga, meditation and wellness courses, workshops and events


Our passionate and devoted team of Instructors are here to share your journey towards a long lasting and fulfilling yoga practise.

Together, our belief is that wholeness, joy and contentment can be found through the combination of movement, breath, and expression, as well as through being a part of an uplifting community of like minded individuals. Through these things, we can come closer to our true state of being, which is peacefulness, wellness and love!

We hope your practise will inspire inner exploration & freedom, and that the lessons of yoga may accompany you both on, and off the mat, as you walk the noble path of the modern yogi

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With 5 class styles to choose from, you can book your classes online directly via this website

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Class Styles

We offer 15 classes per week, in 5 main class styles of yoga practise. Whats what? Follow the link below to find out

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workshops, courses & events

Courses, workshops and events in Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Wellness happen regularly here

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Your First Class

Are you new to Studio Tula, or Yoga in general? Here is your guide to getting started on your yoga journey with us

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Weekly yoga classes range from beginners level to more dynamic, challenging flow classes, as well as Yin Yoga and Gentle Yoga

By bringing together the practise of Yoga Asana (the physical postures of yoga), Pranayama (the breath/energy work of yoga) and Meditation (the incorporation of stillness and mindful awareness) - we can bring not only strength, flexibility and awareness to the body, but also the mind & spirit

You can book your class online directly via this website - see this weeks scheduled classes